UNR Highlights: Storing Hydrogen with Super-Bases

Dr. Chandra Pushes Atoms to their limits.

Dr. Dhanesh Chandra has been working with Lithium Nitride for almost 30 years at UNR. What is Lithium Nitride for you ask? It is an alloy that has very good performance for storing Hydrogen atoms (aka, a “super-base”). This can have many practical uses such as extracting and storing energy from other substances or in heating and cooling applications. Dr. Chandra‚Äôs work has been used both at NASA and in the European Planck Space Project to develop cooling systems. Dr. Chandra is currently working to find a new atomic arrangement that can filter Hydrogen atoms from other materials even better than what currently exists. Other work Dr. Chandra is involved in includes using diamond anvil cells and applying several GigaPascals of pressure to atoms, then using X-rays or lasers to monitor the effects of extreme pressure on atoms.

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